Ramunap Hydra - Hour of Devastation


Ramunap Hydra - Hour of Devastation

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  • Each Artist Proof comes with a free signature and is numbered on the front.
  • For an additional cost, you can have a sketch of my choosing (themed to the card) drawn on the back.
  • Prices per card will depend on the card's rarity and popularity, and may change over time.

What is an Artist Proof?

An Artist Proofs is the same as a regular Magic card except the back side is completely white. Artists typically receive 50 Standard (non-foil) copies and 30 Premium (Foil) copies after a card is physically published. The limited quantity of these cards make them highly collectible, and the white backs are perfect for adding drawings.

All sketches created for artist proofs will be of my choosing and related to the card they are done on.

Shipping info

All card orders are placed in a card sleeve along with top-loaders. All sketches are sprayed with fixative to prevent smudging.